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    What is FIFA?

    FIFA is the best football simulation game ever built. If you are an avid gamer who loves to play FIFA, then our website is just for you! As we all know, collecting coins legally can be too time consuming and frustrating as gamers have to sit for long tedious hours. Don’t worry yet, our website will take away all your FIFA related worries. We have just launched our FIFA 16 coin generator and if you love playing this wonderful sports game, then you must have it! If you have been wondering how to gain free fifa 16 coins in the latest version of FIFA then this is your answer. With FIFA 16 coin hack, you can create your favorite FIFA 16 Ultimate Team by buying all your favorite players. To explain it a little better; our hack is a tool designed to give you unlimited coins so you can buy your favorite players, without worrying about collecting the points in a slow and boring manner. Our tool generates coins using an exploit that is completely safe to use and it proves as a big boon to all FIFA 16 lovers. Our tool is 100% tested to be clean and works very well. The software can run on Windows, Linux as well as Mac, so no matter the operating system you use, this hack is made just for you.

    Our generator is working for Android and Apple’s iOS devices too. You will be able to enjoy the latest version of FIFA without any limits. Create your dream team and buy as many top players as you wish to, as there are no budget constraints for your FIFA 16 once you download our tool.

    Specifications of our tool:

    • You can add any number of Fifa coins to your account,
    • add unlimited points,
    • developed by the professional gamers and coders,
    • totally undetectable, effective and 100% safe,
    • no Rooting or Jailbreaking is required,
    • friendly GUI interface and it supports Plug & Play.

    Basically, our coin generator is a hack that gives you the freedom to play Fifa 16 at your own terms. This can be used for Playstation network,  Xbox live. Free 16 coins will literally make your game play 100 times better.

    About FIFA 16 coin generator:

    Our generator is tested on a daily basis by our team of dedicated coders and developers. It is always up to date since our own coders are Fifa lovers and hardcore gamers as well! The generator helps you get as many coins as you need, without the need to spend even a dime from your own wallet. Our tool is completely safe to use and legal too. It has a custom feature of inbuilt proxies that makes sure you always stay anonymous. Our team makes sure that you will never get banned. Another great thing about our FIFA 16 coins generator is, it is undetectable and very difficult to get patched.

    Our software is quite easy to use and most features are self-explanatory. The best thing is that it’s free! You should never have to pay to get FIFA coins. Many other sites are offering similar generators or patches, most of which are outdated, never work or full of adware that will slow down your computer. This is a completely clean and unpatched file that we are offering on this website. It is free and it only takes a couple of minutes, so answer the survey questions truthfully and you’re done. This is due to the fact that some sites are selling our software for a fee – something that we don’t want! Many sites offer you similar looking software laced with adware and spyware so be careful about the same!

    Our FIFA 16 coins hack has some very exciting and fascinating features which you will absolutely love.

    features of this tool:

    • Offers protection and security since our software has inbuilt proxy so you can use our hack without any worries or thoughts,
    • the use of anti ban script makes it impossible for your profile to get banned. We would never get our users in any kind of trouble,
    • the best part is – we are offering our software for free. We never want to charge our users. Though you might have to complete a short survey so we can pay our coding and development team. They need their coffee,
    • our tool is updated every few hours so you won’t have to worry about it being outdated, ever,
    • our hack tool can generate up to 10 million points and coins every single day. This restriction is set to stop people from misusing this hack or selling points and coins,
    • you can apply these points and coins directly to your playing profile. What does it mean? It’s quite simple. First our software will generate points and coins, then they will be applied to your profile. Once done, you can start spending them to buy the top FIFA players that you’ve always wanted to own.

    Our tool is coded and developed by our team, based on vulnerability on FIFA servers that can not be patched. You can easily accumulate millions of coins and own the top players, which you have always wanted to have. It has a unique Anti-ban feature which makes sure your game play is safe.

    Some sites are trying to take advantage of the same vulnerability by selling it to people, which we condemn. This is why we are sharing this to public, for free! Thousands of users have already downloaded our generator from are website and are using it with utmost satisfaction. Regular bug fixes are included in the upgrades. This tool works flawlessly for Xbox One/360, PC, PlayStation 3/4. So go ahead and download it now.

    How to download our Fifa 16 coins hack

    Downloading this FIFA coin generator is fairly easy AND FUN. You may have to enter a short survey, which is done to support our coders and developers. You can download the program by clicking the download button anywhere on this page.

    How to Use FIFA 16 coins hack ?

    The features of this software are quite easy to learn and the graphical user interface is very friendly as well. Just select the device, click start and it will start generating points and coins for you. There is no delay and this tool works in real time.

    Download the coin generator from this site by completing a short survey. This is to prevent leechers and bots, so that our program does not get copied and sold, as we believe in sharing the knowledge for free. Using this generator, you can gain almost unlimited amount of fifa 16 coins everyday.

    Once you have downloaded it, extract the zip file to a folder of your choice.  It’s clean and checked file free from any spyware and adware, but if you wish you can run an antivirus or virus total check to ensure the same yourself. Execute it and make sure you are signed out of your profile. Now select your gaming profile where you’d like to use this hack. Then click the verify profile icon.

    Next, just proceed to add the amount of points or coins you want. Then just click “Add points” or “Add coins” and wait for a few seconds till the points and coins are being added. That’s it! Now you can enjoy FIFA 16 without any limits.

    This tool auto updates whenever a new upgrade is available, so you don’t have to worry about any new bugs or patches. You can even run this FIFA 16 coins generator multiple times a day depending on your coin and game play requirements.

    Other interesting facts about our tool:

    This hack is working as of present date. We check the tool everyday and any updates are automatic, so this tool will not stop working. Ability to specify the number of points or coins you want. The maximum numbers of coins or points that can be generated in one go is ten million. This tool is so easy to use that you don’t need any kind of technical know how or skills to make it work. All the features are pretty much self explanatory and quite simple to use.

    If you are a hardcore football fan and FIFA gamer then this tool is a lifesaver, as you don’t have to spend long hours playing the game and collecting the points and coins manually like it is intended by the game creators. Instead you can just run this FIFA 16 coin hack and start generating unlimited coins and points and assemble your dream team.